Must be:

    1. 18 or older.
    2. Live or work within the Town of Superior, including Marshall Fire displaced residents.
    3. Practice within one or more of these creative disciples:

    3-D arts (sculptures, ceramics, 3-D printing, etc.)

    Architectural arts

    Culinary arts


    Digital arts (computer generated imagery, digital sound/music, animation, etc.)

    Fashion design

    Fiber arts

    Film/media arts

    Mural/installation art



    Visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, etc.)


    What is the roster for?

    The Cultural Arts & Public Spaces (CAPS) advisory committee leads several projects throughout the community. Tapping into and supporting local talent is a key component to our success! 

    Note: The roster is for informational purposes only and not intended for brokering sales.

    What is the benefit of signing up on the roster?

    Signing up onto the Superior Arts Resident Roster will help us to:

    1. Call upon resident creatives/artists for future projects, events, workshops, classes, and more! 

    2. Host networking events for resident creatives/artists to share information and get to know each other.

    What examples of my work can I upload?

    You can upload image files or share a video link. 

    Who can see my information and image(s)?

    1.  Only your name, thumbnail images and/or website will be publicly accessible. 

    2.  Participants will have the option of having a visible email address or other contact information.

    Is there a deadline to join?

    Nope! This is an ongoing effort to build a roster of local talent -- but don't let that delay you! Join now!