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    Cultural Arts & Public Space Advisory Committee
    Master Plan Steering Committee @ Town of Superior

    Debbie Yeats, 2020 Chair

    Claire Dixon, 2020 Vice Chair

    Christina Costibile

    Melinda Tan, Past Vice Chair

    Terrye Whitaker

    Debbie Yeats

    Rachael Tittle

    2 vacancies

    Thanks to past members:

    Daryl McCool, Past Chair

    Marcia Rehn

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    Mitchell Reardon
    Master Plan Consultant @ Happy City

    Mitchell is leading the Happy City team on the Superior project. Mitchell’s experiments, projects and research have helped clients achieve high standards in health, wellbeing and sociability in cities around the world, including Vancouver, Wuhan, Mexico City and Stockholm. 

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    Deana Miller
    Cultural Arts & Events Supervisor @ Town of Superior
    303-499-3675 x 167